Sign up & create your PaySquare account.
Send an offer to purchase to your seller via PaySquare.
Pay via PaySquare and wait for the product to be couriered to you.

Sign-up and create
your PaySquare account.   

Upload your product and notify your potential buyer.

Paysquare will payout on receipt of the product by the buyer.


  • Send an offer to purchase with a price.   
  • Pay for the product(incl service fee) on our Payment hold facility   
  • Choose medium the product will be mailed(& paying)
  • Assess the product and accept or decline the product within a reasonable time.

In the case that a product is declined the buyer would pay for the return of the product and returned funds after the buyer has received their product    

  • Accept terms and conditions and start a transaction.
  • Get the product in question ready for shipping
  • Ship the product via agreed courier within a reasonable time (attaching tracking number & relevant info)
  • Withdraw funds after the acceptance of the sale.

In the case that a product is returned the seller has to confirm receipt of the product so funds can be returned

Who we’re
a great help

This is perfect for people who shop
on the Classifieds or Marketplaces
like Facebook Marketplace


or any other platform similar to this,
where there is a seller, distance and
uncertainty with a sale.


We also help people who sell! You might have people interested in what you’re selling but telling you ‘you’re too far’ or they don’t trust or believe you.

how it works
Find your product
Find the product
you would like to
purchase in an
online marketplace.
Create your account
Have your free account created within minutes! Simply create and describe the product you wish to purchase or sell, wait for PaySquare to verify it and send the link to either you buyer or seller.
Money exchange
Simply pay for the product using the PaySquare payment gateway and we will generate you a receipt which will be sent to the seller of the product.
Product Review
Once the buyer has received the product, they will be prompted to assess and confirm with PaySquare that the item is in the condition as described. Failure to do so within agreed on time constraints will lead to a full payout of funds to the seller.
Once PaySquare receives the buyer's product review and the buyer wishes to keep the item, the funds paid by the buyer to PaySquare will be released to the seller. If the buyer wishes to return the item, they must do so within agreed upon time constraints with complete refund underway.

We’re in the business of making sure people get what they deserve. Our mission statement is to bridge the gap between people by means of modern technology put to use through innovation. PaySquare is your secure online platform from which you can buy and sell any product from anyone else privately without running the risk of getting scammed.